NSI Technologies Presents

frac everything stuff!

Show the world you are proud to be a frac everything sort of guy or gal who doesn’t get hung up on pronouns! Perfect gifts for your friends who understand hydrocarbons are vital for the energy to power the world economy, and the feedstock to make all sorts of useful stuff (like PVC pipe for protest signs).

And maybe frac everything stuff is just what you should get your friends who don’t understand the importance of the oil and gas industry to get a conversation started! Explain to them it will be a long time before hydrocarbons are replaced by moonbeams and methane-free unicorn farts.

Please email to Ali your pre-order product interest (not a commitment!) at:  fraceverything@nsitech.com
We hope to be able to take orders by mid December. If delivery before December 25th is critical to you, please let us know.